What is a GREEN SHOW?  A Green Show is like a theatrical amuse bouche-- a short gem of a show to warm you up for the evenings main event!  We have a magnificent line up of green shows beginning between 7 and 7:20 each evening.  Make sure to grab your box dinner from one of the participating Village restaurants and get to the Sontag early for a lovely picnic and GREEN SHOW.

Midsummer Shakespeare Festival Green Show Schedule

Thursday July 14-- JIM COPE
Jim Cope was part of the folk music scene in the early 60s.  He moved to Appalachia as a VISTA volunteer where he worked closely with the people  by promoting local Appalachian musicians and music festivals focusing on traditional Appalachian music. Immersed in this culture, he picked up many songs which continue to be a part of him today. Upon returning to California, he moved to Claremont and joined the bluegrass group, "Occurrence at Owl Creek," which became locally very popular. Later he began playing with the Irish Pub band, "Paddy Doyle's Boots." He also plays with the “Desert Croquet Band.” In addition to being very accomplished on vocals and guitar, Jim also plays the fiddle, banjo and mandolin. In 2008, Jim completed his first solo CD project, "Never Better Than Later." www.cdbaby.com/cd/jimcope

Friday July 15-- High Strung Band

​Serving the Inland Empire of Southern California, providing Appalachian, Bluegrass, Swing, and Folk music for private parties and public events.
Belinda Thom - Fiddle
Bill McClellan - Mandolin
David Hostetler - Guitar
Patricia E. Grill - Percussion
James Flaherty - Clawhammer Banjo

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Saturday July 16-- Harry Potter and the Blankety Blank

Harry Potter and the Blankety Blank is a Spectacles Improv Engine team based in Fullerton. We create an improvised Harry Potter novel based on a two word suggestion from the audience.Check us out on Facebook!

​Sunday July 17-- Sportive Tricks

A Southern California Folk Band with a heavy Irish influence, Sportive Tricks takes great delight in giving traditional music a rousing twist. They also play many original tunes, both serious & silly. The band started as performers at the Renaissance Faire in 2009 but their music only hints at these beginnings. Tricks’ music leans towards bands like Great Big Sea and Gaelic Storm with influences ranging from The Chieftains to Flogging Molly. Inspired by the rich traditions of Irish, Scottish, & English folk, Cape Breton music, and sea shanties; Sportive Tricks combines traditional instruments with new arrangements, high energy, and a dash of humor for a foot tapping, hand clapping good time.   sportive tricks.com

Thursday July 21-- Subtext

Improvised scenes based on a Shakespearean Sonnet chosen by the audience.

Friday July 22-- Steve Rushingwind

2 time NAMMY Winner (Native American Music Awards) Steven Rushingwind, is an Indigenous Flute Musician that intertwines the voice of his flute with other Indigenous instruments creating a unique fusion of sound. 

Saturday July 23-- Noir Sax Quartet
Nick Casillas holds bachelors and masters degrees in music from UCLA. He currently teaches at Paul Revere Middle School, Cathedral City High School and The Claremont Community School of Music. In addition he maintains a small private studio in Rancho Cucamonga with students ages 10 to 65. As a performer he is comfortable in various musical settings. Currently he performs with The Allan Wasserman Jazz Ensemble, The Cucamonga Collective, The Westside Collective and The Swing Riots. All of these groups work closely with local composers encouraging the programming of new music in performance situations.

Sunday July 24-- Nick Casillas Jazz Duo

Bringing great stories and dramatic ideas through insightful and engaging plays and events to the Claremont, Inland Empire and San Gabriel communities.