OJP Fundraising Campaign 2017​​​

​​“Theater should hold up a mirror to society — but not just a mimetic mirror — not just to show us what we have, but to show us what's beneath, what's to the side; to force us to look at things from another perspective….If you're going to spend a couple of hours of your life …being at plays…something should happen to you. You should be changed.”  Edward Albee


The idea of theatre as an agent of introspection, critical thinking, and change was central to the founding of Ophelia’s Jump Productions and continues to be a keystone of the work we strive to do. Our conviction about the importance of theatre in helping us contemplate and understand ourselves and others has only grown deeper since our inception 4 years ago, and our commitment to continue to present challenging theatre that promotes discussion has never been stronger.

This past season, Ophelia’s Jump was honored as Non-profit of the Year by the Claremont Chamber of Commerce for our work in the community. Our Midsummer Shakespeare Festival sponsored by Pomona College, included community merchants, local artists, and non-profits who participated in Green Shows and festival activities.  The festival continues to grow and bring visitors from all over California to Claremont each July to see fresh retellings of Shakespeare’s works such as our Othello which featured an African American female actor in the title role.

Ophelia’s Jump also continued to offer opportunities for college and high school interns to earn hands on experience working with theatre professionals both on and offstage through it’s successful Internship Program. Our production of Tribes cast deaf actor Michelle Schaefer in the lead role of Billy and broke ground by making every performance accessible to deaf and hard of hearing audiences via captioning of the entire play. Most recently, we hosted a staged reading of Carol Sorgenfrei’s work in progress Ghostlight: The Haunting directed by Emmy award winner Penny Bergman, giving our audience an opportunity to participate in the play workshopping process.

We could not have done it without the support of our patrons and community. And so it’s that time of year when we need to check in and let you know what’s going on and how important your help is in allowing us to continue to present great theatre and offer learning opportunities.  

​We are happy to report that in the past month we have received approval from the City of Upland for a Conditional Use Permit to open our Black Box Theatre at 2009 Porterfield Way, Suite H in Upland just across from Last Name Brewing.   

  • Our new 1800 square foot space will seat 49 patrons in a tiered seating configuration for an excellent, intimate theatre experience.
  • Its location right by Last Name Brewing means continued access to Food Trucks and delicious beer before and during each performance.
  • It has adequate parking, restroom facilities, and power.
  • It has high ceilings to allow for theatrical lighting.
  • It is offered at a reasonable rent that will allow us to continue to pay our artists and designers for their work.

Why we are so focused on finding a permanent home?  Here is a list of the very important benefits of having a home of our own:  

  • We’ll be able to expand our regular season to 6 MainStage shows and we’ll be able to offer more performances of each show, making it easier for people to come see them. 
  • We will finally have a space to pursue our educational mission by launching a youth theatre education program that will give access to high quality process-based instruction in the theatrical arts to area youth, including those who would not otherwise have access to such classes.
  • We’ll have a consistent rehearsal space which will save money and improve production values.
  • We’ll have the ability to announce our seasons earlier so that we have more time to sell subscriptions and fundraise for the coming season.
  • We’ll be able to offer after-hours and non-mainstage programming such as improv comedy shows, sketch comedy shows, concerts, and cabaret events.
  • We’ll be able to offer space for joint events with other community organizations and non-profits such as fundraisers, community art exhibits, visiting artists, and/or other artistic collaborations.
  • We’ll have a brick and mortar box office where our patrons can purchase tickets securely and for cash so they can avoid processing fees.
  • We’ll have a space that allows us to build sets earlier in the production process (we currently often have to build sets in one week or less before the show opens.) This will allow us to improve quality and design and will give us more rehearsal time on the set.
  • We will have the ability to qualify for Equity guest artist contracts and eventual Equity status which we cannot do without an Equity compliant facility. Equity status means that a theatre abides by Equity Union rules including the payment of fair wages. It is an insignia of excellence and professionality.
  • We will have sorely needed on-site storage of props, costumes, and set pieces which will save us off-site storage costs.


You are the key that will help us unlock the door to our a permanent home.  Last year we raised almost $10,000 towards our goal of finding a permanent home. With those funds we opened our pop-up theatre space and purchase the following items which will be used in our permanent space:

  • Theatre seats that can be affixed as required by the City of Upland
  • Theatrical lighting & piping for a lighting grid
  • Wood and hardware for platforms
  • Theatrical Curtains
  • Dimmer Rack, Lighting Board to run lights
  • Two powered 12" speakers, Amplifier for future non-powered speakers.
  • A projector screen and stand.
  • A cash register and small refrigerator for concessions

Though this was a great start, we need to raise an additional $15,000 to cover the costs of adapting a space to theatrical use.  

Our very hardworking little non-profit company functions on a tight budget made possible by the selfless volunteer work performed by our principals, company members, and board. We’ve been working with SOURCE - consultants whose research shows that theatre companies of our similar size and demographics have seen revenues rise by as much as 400% when they were able to secure a permanent performance space. This sounds a little crazy until you think back to the opportunities we listed above which are not available or are severely curtailed when a company has to move around or share a space as a secondary user. We want to be able to offer so much more to you our patrons and our community!

Please, if you are considering your tax-deductible giving, we hope you will decide to donate to Ophelia’s Jump. Your donation will not only support artists and theatre at a time when our society needs the empathy and consideration of alternate perspectives that theatre engenders, but because we are such a small company, every dollar you give will make a huge difference for us. Every dollar will go directly to opening those doors to our new home. 

Be the key!  Donate today! 
Beatrice Casagran, Founding Artistic Director

A $50,000 gift can fund the entire build-out of the space and first year of educational programming.
A $10,000 gift can purchase drywall, fixtures, fire retardants, wood, and permit fees to build out the space.
A $7500 gift can purchase plumbing and HVAC services to make necessary modifications for the theatre use.
A $5000 gift will purchase materials and cable for a tech booth.
A $3000 donation will purchase paint, carpeting, and curtains for the space.
A $1500 donation will purchase signage for our new space.
A $750 donation will help us pay the deposits required for utilities.
A $500 donation will purchase mats and furniture for concessions and the office.
A $250 donation will purchase a shelving unit for props or two costume racks.
A $100 unit contribution will help pay utilities while we work on building out the space.
A $50 donation will help pay for gaff and spike tape, screws and other hardware.


For questions or more information, please contact:  Randy Lopez, Randy@opheliasjump.org or 909.734.6565